Eyeball Mosters

Hitotsume (from Akakage)

I received a comment pointing out the resemblance between one of the Giant Robo monsters Ganmons and the famous Ultraman Gaia monster Gan Q.

When watching Ultraman Gaia with my kids as it aired for the first time and seeing Gan Q appear in the show, the first thing the monster reminded me of was Ganmons.

Gan is the Japanese word for eye while the word me (/meh/) is more customarily used, and, as gankyu means eyeball, Gan Q is a sort of phonetic equivalent or pun of the term.

While I don’t know much about Gan Q featured in the recent series after Ultraman Gaia, I think the Gan Q that appeared in Gaia didn’t have its eyelid (I may be wrong).

Ganmons of Giant Robo, however, had its eyelid and it was forced to be closed by Robo with his reacher-like equipment coming out of, if my memory is correct, his buckle before being beaten by him.

Actually we had another eyeball monster which appeared in Masked Ninja Akakage and is called Hitotsume (single eyed).

This is a monster regularly summoned by a villain ninja through his yojutsu (mysterious skill), and, as Akakage and Giant Robo were produced by the Toei Company, Ganmons might have been a developed form of Hitotsume in terms of the idea.

It is fully thinkable that the Tsuburaya people could have created Gan Q inspired by Ganmons although I don’t think they publicly referred to it.

Gan Q

10 thoughts on “Eyeball Mosters”

  1. Tokusatsu really like using eyeball monsters…there’s Horror Eye from Triple Fighter, Big Eye from Mirrorman, Alien Akumania from Ultraman Leo, Mr Titan

  2. I also have a Gan Q. It’s a very iconic monster! It almost looks like it could have been designed by Narita in my opinion. Speaking of eyeball monsters, Takashi Murakami’s first film Mememe no Kurage features a giant monster called Oval with its body speckled with tiny, rainbow colored eyeballs. Have you heard of this movie?

    1. No, I hadn’t heard about it. Although I didn’t know the name of Takashi Murakami either, his works shown online has made me remember I saw them before.
      Meanwhile I couldn’t find any image of Oval…
      Thanks for the information anyway!

        1. Takashi Murakami seems to have been influenced by yokais drawn by Shigeru Mizuki as well along with kaijus.
          It’s great to see Murakami highly reputed among people abroad.

          Thanks for your suggestion and sharing the pic!

  3. As for Gan-Q… he is EVERYWHERE in our home! We even sent one to my mother-in-law’s house… as a potato guard! Gan-Q protects our potatoes! He’s also near my desk, and near some family photos in our room! Gan-Q is always watching us here!

    As for Gaint Robo, I have a DVD set of Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, that show and Ultraman were always watched when I was a child here (and well, I still watch them!).

    1. Hahaha, how helpful your Gan-Qs are! Your mother-in-law should also be happy about his protection!

      It’s great to know you are also a fan of GR!
      Is the hero robo called Giant Robo in the Johnny Sokko as well if I may ask?

      Thanks for all your nice story and photo as always!

        1. No, no, my question was rather a lazy question.
          Thank you for your kindness and the nice information!
          Have a good day with your Gan-Qs!!!

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