Fairy tales

201510203Each episode of the Ultra Series has brought us excitement, humor or, occasionally, cynicism.

But, when summing them up, they gives me a lot of entertainment.

As previously posted, there are lots of episodes having monsters or aliens appear in daily sight.

First of all, Ultra Q, the original Ultra Series, dealt with extraordinary incidents in supposedly regular life on the subject “If the balance of natural world should collapse” initially.


201510201Episode 15 of “Ultra Q” titled “Kanegon’s Cocoon” featuring Kanegon is very much humorous and allegorical.

This episode is definitely my favorite.

It is about a monster a boy awfully fond of money has mutated into.

In the drama, the parents warn the boy he will become Kanegon, a visionary creature, when they find their son is very much greedy for money.


201510202The boy dismissed it with a laugh, but he finds he has become the life-sized monster (in a cocoon) when he wakes up in the morning.

The name of Kanegon comes from kane or o-kane (polite form) , the Japanese word for money.

The thing is Kanegon will die if it doesn’t keep on eating cash.

The episode has an unexpected ending which is very much cynical.

This enjoyable episode is allegorical and also like a fairy tale.

Other than this, Ultra Q has a number of episodes like fairy tales.

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