Episode Episode 18: “The Brother from Another World”
Alias None
Height 40 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Tokyo
Homeplace Planet Zarab
Features Transformation of Alien Zarab
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Akira Sasaki (mask)
Actor Fumio Ikeda

Fake Ultraman is Ultraman which Alien Zarab transformed into for making earthlings lose trust in Ultraman.

It’s a cheap trick just like the wily alien.

But Fake Ultraman apparently looked different in appearance from the real one.

It characteristically had slanted eyes with the corners sharply pointed upwards.

The ears, crest and chin also had the same feature.

Hoshino captured by Fake Ultraman

The body looks the same as real Ultraman, but it had a black line added to the edges of the design on the chest and belly.

Some Japanese people mistakenly describe the curled up and pointed toes as another characteristic of Fake Ultraman.

But real Ultraman (B Type suit) also had the feet of the same shape at the time during the series.

So it’s not a characteristic unique to Fake Ultraman.

Though he’s a bad guy, Fake Ultraman looked so cool in design anyhow.


And it made me feel odd to find people unaware of the difference between Fake Ultraman and the real one in the drama.

Fake Ultraman played dirty by holding Hoshino hostage when the young boy tried to escape with a rope through the window after freeing Hayata.

Hayata transformed into Ultraman, and a battle between two Ultramans was realized, which made us very much excited as a kid.

But Fake Ultraman was no match for real Ultraman.

With the shot of Spaceum Beam on him by real Ultraman, he returned to the form of Alien Zarab.

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