Episode Episode 46: The Duel: Dan vs. Seven
Alias Robot Superhuman
Height 40 meters
Weight 35,000 tons
Homeplace The secret factory of Alien Salome’s hideout lighthouse
Features Robot with the same appearance and abilities as Ultraseven
Actor Unknown
Voice Processed Ultraseven’s voice (Koji Moritsugu’s)

Fake Ultraseven is the robot with the same appearance and abilities as real Ultraseven that was built by Alien Salome in their secret factory to invade Earth.

The robot produced with the essence of Salome’s scientific technologies was supposed to be superior to real Ultraseven in strength.

And it was expected to stand for the devils instead of the invincible superhero.

As the aliens needed to know the composition of Ultra Beam to complete the robot, they trapped Dan and forced him to tell them the secret of the beam with their Talk Machine.

The injection of Ultra Beam gave life to the robot

Although the robot looks exactly the same as real Ultraseven, it has mechanical-looking parts on the waist and the joints of its arms and legs.

And its low-pitched voice when it uttered ‘Duwaaa!’ makes it look more like a villain.

The robot embarrassed the Ultra Garrison members as they thought Ultraseven they believed to be their hero started attacking them.

As Dan was unable to transform into Ultraseven with Ultra Eye left in a car, Capsule Kaiju Agira fought against Fake Ultraseven.

Fake Ultraseven shooting down the Ultra Hawk 1

With the same capabilities as real Seven, Fake Seven easily defeated Agira, and real Ultraseven who showed up stood against the fake at last.

Real Seven and Fake Seven fought neck and neck, but, of course, the fake was beaten by Ultraseven in the end by getting blasted in the sea.

While, in Ultraman, Fake Ultraman was the form Alien Zarab turned into, it was fun to find that Fake Ultraseven was set to be a robot along with the well-made factory set although I have to admit I personally prefer Fake Ultraman as his artistically sculpted beautiful head makes him look so attractive.

Incidentally, Fake Seven’s costume is the one recycled from Ultraseven’s used costume just before being put on the shelf.

Ultraseven flying away with a salute to the UG. “Seven won! OUR Seven!” (Amagi)

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