Family Mart campaign

Dada and Baltan Seijin (right)

We have a chain of convenience store named “Family Mart” in Japan.

You may have one of them in your country.

Their campaign featuring the Ultra characters is now under way.

What impressed me when watching the image (comical one featuring Ultra Kaijyu shopping at a Family Mart) is the well-made suits of the old Ultra Kaijyu.

Such as Baltan Seijin, Pigmon, Dada and Kanegon.

The original suits don’t remain any more.

So they are newly molded ones.

The suits used for Kaijyu shows in my childhood were the ones molded for the sake of the shows.

They didn’t look like the real ones for shooting because of the crudity in molding.

But the recent ones are really well-made.

Very much close to the original ones.

Especially I was impressed with the fidelity the newly molded Pigmon has.

Actually, Pigmon of “Ultraman” is the same in appearance as Garamon of “Ultra Q.”

Garamon is a robot Kaijyu 40 mteres tall controlled by an alien for invasion.

And Pigmon is a friendly human-sized Kaijyu which sides with humans.

Why they are the same in appearance is not mentioned in the drama.

But the different actors acted Garamon and Pigmon respectively.

So they look different in height.

The newly molded Pigmon looks more like Garamon in terms of the height.

But, anyway, it looks like the original suit.

I feel the modelers’ love and respect for the classic Ultra Kaijyu.

All these Kaijyu characters are designed by Tohl Narita.

The popularity is steadfast.

Baltan Seijin (front) and Pigmon


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