Female aliens

The cover of Weekly Shonen Magazine published in April, 1968
Alien Cannan

Alien Pitt and Alien Magellan, Maya, posted yesterday should be female aliens.

Alien Goddra just mutates into a human woman, and the alien itself looks to be male as it speaks with a male voice.

Other female aliens also appear in “Ultra Seven.”

Three of Alien Cannan appearing in Episode 24 “Return to The North!” are assumed to be female aliens as they speak and haw-haw with a female voice.


Windom deranged by Cannan

With no human form, they hide in a rocket disguised as a lighthouse.

They don’t become a giant.

They derange the electronic brain of Windom by a beam, and the Capsule Monster battles with Ultra Seven though no match for Seven.

Incidentally, this Episode 24 featuring the ties between the UG member Furuhashi and his mother is my favorite.

Alien Borg of Episode 27 “Operation: Cyborg” is female in human form, and it speaks with a female voice even after changing into the alien.


Alien Borg

Alien Borg is outrageously strong in battle with Ultra Seven so much as Seven had a hard time with the bout.

The appearance like a western armor is so nice.

It’s said Tohl Narita was also fond of the design.

I exactly remember the cover of Weekly Shonen Magazine with Alien Borg and a friend and I chatted with excitement, “This is the monster to appear in the upcoming episode!”

I was six years old then.

I feel wistful for the old days.

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