James Dean and Ultraman

Ultraman vs Jirass (Episode 10)

Ultraman has a stooping posture with open hands when facing with Kaijyu in the battle.

It is a characteristic point.

In addition to Mr. Furuya’s thin figure, some Ultra fans say it doesn’t look strong at all and the uneasiness is also appealing.

I feel it suits a mysterious spaceman beyond our understanding.

By the way, where is the stooping posture from?

In the older publication, it had been said Mr. Furuya unfamiliar with actions backed away from gunpowder and so on.

Mr. Furuya says in his memoir that it came from James Dean and Koichi Takano (Tokusatsu director).

He was inspired by James Dean.

In the movie “Rebel Without a Cause“, James Dean held a knife with stooping posture in the duel.

Mr. Furuya found it cool and had the same posture for Ultraman.

Mr. Takano advised him to get it lower for the sake of camera work.

Ultra Seven

On the other hand, Ultra Seven stands up straight with closed hands like a boxer.

Koji Uenishi who acted Ultra Seven was aware of the dfference from Ultraman.

Mr. Uenishi was a sword fight arranger in Samurai movies and used to do a stunt as well.

Mr. Uenishi acted “Spectreman” (1971/P Production ) in later years and he had his hands open like chops.

Always pursuing a different style of their own.

I am very much impressed with the attitude in acting heroes.

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