From Zoffy To Returned Ultraman 2

Rejected version of the Returned Ultraman suit

After being used at attraction performance shows around the nation, the Zoffy suit converted into Ultraman is said to have appeared in the cyclorama film featuring Ultraman and Ultraseven shown in an amusement park in 1969.

After that, the head of the suit is speculatively described as it was used for the Returned Ultraman costume while it means the Returned Ultraman head was not the one modeled from the original mold of the Type C Ultraman head.

And it is also explained a strip of the wetsuit material (assumed to be the Type A suit of the original Ultraman) found to slightly remain on the end of the mask proves it was from the Zoffy costume converted into that of Ultraman (the mask still seems to exist even now).

It is said that the head of the rejected version of the Returned Ultraman suit was from the Zoffy suit mentioned above.

As to the rejected version suit, it is known that it was finally rejected after shooting battle scenes with Arstron so that the rejection made them reshoot the scenes in the end.

The Returned Ultraman suit initially had the same red pattern as the original Ultraman even with thin lines added to each end.

And it is said the costume was replaced by the one with the markings as currently seen so as to make the character look more distinctive from the original Ultraman in consideration of merchandising (the mask seems to have continued being reproduced (copied) from the Zoffy mask).

I read somewhere the Returned Ultraman masks used in the shooting were reproduced (maybe throughout the series) by Hiruma Model Craft known as a modeling company for the production of special effects props.

In summary of the above complex story:

  1. Zoffy suit used in the final episode of Ultraman (with the wetsuit body of the Type A Ultraman suit)
  2. Used as Ultraman at attraction performance shows
  3. Used as Ultraman in the cyclorama film
  4. (Only the mask) used for the rejected version suit of Returned Ultraman

4 thoughts on “From Zoffy To Returned Ultraman 2”

  1. Dear Booska-san after read the articles with pleasure
    1. I Think The Mask picture on the Ultraman Treasures book look like Zoffy Mask in Ultraman Final episode very much as I think it was the same one ( according to its eyes positioned ). the eye holes may be drilled when it was being used at attraction performance shows afterwards.
    2. The rejected version suit of Returned Ultraman looks different from Zoffy suit, Especially the colour timer position .I think may be it’s not the same one ?

    1. Yes, thank you for pointing it out, pisit-san.
      Actually I was talking about the mask. Not the whole costume.
      It is said that the mask of the rejected costume of Returned Ultraman might have come from the Zoffy costume as the wetsuit part was replaced by the new one.

      Sorry about my possibly misleading writing. I added the words “only the mask” to the end of the post!

        1. Well, sorry about the confusion. 🙂 This kind of topic is so complex to make myself confused while writing!
          I hope you enjoyed it!

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