Comet Fukushin 1

With the overnight star watching Fukushin can’t resist the urge to nap even in front of the moving machine

One of my readers asked me about the ending of Episode 45 ‘The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucer’ of Ultraseven with Perolynga in it as he finds it seemingly too abrupt just showing Fukushin on bike with the sirens blaring out.

I know what he means and in fact had felt the same way over the years, so I don’t think the DVDs he has can be another version or something of the episode although I haven’t watched the US version.

Following the Outer Limits’ narration I dimly remember, I’d say, “There is nothing wrong with your television or DVD set…”

“You’re performing pretty poorly these days,” Fukushin was reproved by his boss

As you can find many things associated with the state of the Japanese society of the time in this episode, however, it may necessitate explanation to understand it.

I think this episode is very much tinged with the Japanese society in the midst of high economic growth.

First of all, it was an episode shot in the areas around Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture next to Tokyo, that used to be one of the main areas sustaining Japan’s economic growth with many small machi koba (town factories), along with Episode 8 ‘The Tageted Town’ featuring Metron. (They were directed by the same director, Akio Jissoji.)

Gen-san, auto wreckers, living next door always teasing Fukushin

The factory Fukushin was with in the show is also one of them.

In pursuit of materialistic abundance, daily hustles and bustles changed people’s lifestyle possibly including their behaviors and mentalities with the idyllic times far left behind.

On the other hand, Fukushin was a youth who just loved watching stars and could be a type of person left alone in the society that was becoming more and more competitive.

Fukushin’s lament that he wants to go to the stellar universe can possibly reflect the atmosphere of the times, or it could have been shared among people at the time.

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