Funny Hayata

201511071Hayata, supposed to be a perfect hero, shows an unexpected side at times.

There is a time when he tried to change into Ultraman thrusting a spoon instead of the β Capsule.

That is one of the scenes in “A Gift from the Sky” (“Ultraman” Episode 34)  directed by Akio Jissoji.

In this episode, it’s shown, quite unusually, the SSSP members are munching on curry and rice, sitting together at unity in the control room.201511072


And Hayata, with his mouth full unlike a hero, rushes out of the room alone, leaving behind the other members at the news of the appearance of the monster.

Cap. Muramatsu: (Choking on curry and rice)

Hey, Hayata! Where are you going? I won’t let you go off by yourself!

Ide: Calm down, Cap.!

Arashi: (Just continuing to munch on curry and rice as if nothing happened)


The behaviors of the other members are also depicted this comical.

Hayata holds up the spoon on the rooftop, and he throws it away after noticing an error.

All of this is the work of the maverick of Ultra, Director Akio Jissoji.

We all loved the scenes as children because they were really funny.

It was a good lesson to tell us even a hero cannot be free from an error!

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