Funny monsters

Gavadon just asleep (Episode 15)

Even only through the early Ultra Series, a variety of monsters appear.

As posted yesterday, there are those which are not necessarily bad.

Following the post of yesterday, I’d like to talk about Gavadon, Skydon and Seabose all appearing in “Ultraman.”

All of these are unique monsters produced by the combination of Mamoru Sasaki (screenwriter) and Akio Jissoji (director) .

Akio Jissoji is the director called “the maverick of Ultra.”


Skydon just hopelessly heavy (Episode 34)

He produced a number of unique episodes with Mamoru Sasaki in perfect harmony.

In the drama, Gavadon is the monster born of children’s graffiti.

The children loves Gavadon.

It’s funny to see Gavadon asleep much of the time.

While Ultraman battles with Gavadon, the children yell at Ultraman to go home.

It is ironical to see the hero for children treated like the enemy of them.

Such an upside-down idea is just like Mr. Jissoji and Mr. Sasaki.


Seabose just homesick (Episode 35)

Skydon is just hopelessly heavy and does nothing in particular almost asleep.

The episode comically, or ironically, depicts the SSSP members running around in confusion over how to handle the monster just heavy.

Seabose mistakenly came from the monster cemetery in the space.

It has no intention to do harm and  just wishes to go back to the space.

The SSSP and Ultraman have much trouble with Seabose which keeps roaring sadly looking up at the sky wishing to go back home.

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