GAMAKUGIRA (making) #2

Gamakugira fighting seemingly with Type A Ultraman

Jissoji expected to have a creepier monster with a swollen belly and a more slimy texture that could make viewers feel bad and even feel like vomiting while having dinner together as a family in front of the TV although Jissoji liked the design presented by Narita.

Apart from whether Jissoji’s plot was appropriate or not, in later years, however, Jissoji admired Narita and Takayama for their consistent attitudes not to make kaijus look extremely creepy saying the kaijus would not have gained so much popularity otherwise.

While it is known among fans that the Type B costume of Ultraman appeared for the first time ever in this Gamakugira episode although it didn’t allow us to fully enjoy seeing the good-looking costume as the short battle scene unfolded mostly as an air battle partly with the use of dolls.


Nevertheless, it has been disclosed that there is a picture available with Ultranan found fighting with Gamakugira in it, and, although the angle of Ultraman’s head doesn’t allow us to see his face clearly, the seemingly rough surface of the mask (with the toe that is not curled up) makes us aware that it appears to be the Type A costume of Ultraman that was fighting against Gamakugira.

As it seems that the script properly included the scene in which Ultraman grappled with the kaiju, it makes people assume the grappling fight scene was actually filmed with the use of the Type A suit of Ultraman probably before the Type B suit became available.


There is an explanation that the filmed fight scene was rejected according to Jissoji’s intention as he hated such a duel like a professional wrestling match while there were some people (adults) who made fun of the tokusatsu show as a kaiju professional wresting show as real professional wrestling shows were so popular back then in Japan.

As a fan of Type B Ultraman, the scene in which the newly made costume appeared after the transformation scene truly dazzles me. Have a happy experience of Type B Ultraman with this episode!

(The photo seems to be originally from a commercial picture portrait called “buromaido (bromide)” in Japan that was available in those days. I personally assume the fight scene with Type A Ultraman might have possibly been shot only for such commercial items rather than it was actually filmed for the show while I am not sure.)

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