Episode Episode 14: “The Pearl Defense Directive”
Alias Spouting Monster
Height 35 m
Weight 10,000 t
Emergence Ise (Mie Prefecture)
Homeplace Ise (Mie Prefecture)
Features Spout; strengthening constitution
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Gamakugira (pronounced as Gamakujira) is a monster which feeds on pearls.

It stretches out a long tongue and vacuums tiny pearls.

The emergence of this monster led to shortage of pearl supplies and rising pearl prices.

In the Japanese language, gama means frog and kujira means whale.

We usually call a frog kaeru, but it’s also called gama occasionally perhaps as a classical expression. (There is also a frog species called gama-gaeru)


Gamakugira spouts like a whale as its name shows.

It attacked cultured pearl farms in Mie Prefecture (famous pearl production area for real).

It’s narrated, when attacked, Gamakugira is capable of blowing out the same elements of the attack with a spout and getting its constitution strengthened to the same extent as the attack.

It means any attack on it makes it all the more strong.

So the SSSP shot a compact jet booster (something like that) into its tail and tried to make it fly away into the faraway sky.

When it accidentally turned around and came near to coming back, it was smashed in a head-on crash with Ultraman in mid air.

From this episode Ultraman of the newly sculpted B Type suit appeared.

The suit of Gamakugira turned out to be the one with an innocent and humorous look in one way or another.

It’s a famous story it made Akio Jissoji, director, mad because he wanted to make it look bizarre.

It was because of the persistence of Tohl Narita, designer, to the making of monsters not to make them look bizarre beyond necessity.

Way cool!!! B Type suit of Ultraman

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