Regarding the making of Gameron and Kairyu, I don’t have much to talk about anymore as almost everything I know was described in my post about them in the “Kaiju Pictorial” category.

Therefore, please allow me to refer to a behind-the-scenes story about the episode itself exceptionally instead of the design and sculpture of the characters.

While this episode “Grow Up! Little Turtle” was written by Masahiro Yamada who also seems to have acted as a poet, the story is said to have been a fantasy originally titled “Taro’s Picture Book” in which Taro, boy in wheelchair, traveled to a paradise with only children living there.

The story was changed into “Grow Up! Little Turtle” through arrangements between Yamada and the director Harunosuke Nakagawa as Nakagawa says he wanted to satirize adults lacking hope who try to deprive children of it.

Harunosuke Nakagawa (right)

Nakagawa was a director who portrayed children with profound love while directing three episodes for “Ultra Q” including “Grow Up! Little Turtle” with the other two: “I Saw A Bird” and “Kanegon’s Cocoon,”

It is said that Nakagawa was nicknamed as “Film Monster Harugon” because he consumed a lot of films that were so expensive back then to shoot his directed episodes due to his uncompromising attitude toward each episode.

It seems that “Grow Up! Little Turtle” also had a larger amount of unused or rejected films than the product actually aired.

Nevertheless, he got credit for especially “Kanegon’s Cocoon” that managed to win high reputation and great popularity as a modern allegory.

4 thoughts on “GAMERON & KAIRYU (making)”

  1. I see, But your point as the sounds like a story putting Gamaron and Kanegon together is very interesting and amazing Why can’t I think of it?

    1. I am sure Kanegon will be pleased to have coins tossed at him.
      But your story tells us we should never do that to turtles kept in a pond!

  2. After read this article, I don’t know why I think of The story of a sea turtle nicknamed Bank, spent years swallowing the money thrown into a pool in a park in Thailand by tourists who believe that throwing coins into the turtle pond will make the coin-thrower live longer, The array of currencies eventually formed a heavy ball in her belly weighing 5kg (11lbs) and eventually cracked her shell, causing a life-threatening infection. Although the vet tried to treat her, But sadly she eventually died.

    1. Oooh, it’s so sad… It exactly sounds like a story putting Gameron and Kanegon together I mentioned in my post while I am not making fun of it.
      It should have been painful for the turtle. My condolences…

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