Episode Episode 25: Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero
Alias Freezing Monster
Height 45 meters
Weight 20,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Poll
Features Breathing out a freezing breath; gliding like a flying squirrel
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Tetsuo Yamamura

Gander is the biped space monster manipulated by Alien Poll.

It characteristically has eyes sticking out from the head like a snail and a big mouth with rosy pink lips, all of which make the face look somewhat humorous. (also reminiscent of Kanegon of Ultra Q)

A pair of angular wings with geometric radiating lines carved on the surface makes it capable to glide like a flying squirrel.

And it makes sounds like a dove.

It breathes out a freezing breath that left the TDF Base and the surrounding areas frozen.

Gliding Gander

With the power system broken by Gander, the TDF Base got paralyzed with all the functions disabled including the use of the super weapons such as the Ultra Hawks.

Chief Yamaoka decided to evacuate all the TDF members placing top priority to human life while they fell down one after another due to the coldness in an attempt to fix the power system.

But Furuhashi hung on alone and managed to restore the system at last.

Now it’s a showdown against Gander.


While Dan was searching for Ultra Eye he lost in the snow field, Capsule Monster Miclas fought against Gander.

The two monsters fought for life, and Miclas did a great job though he lost finally while having a hard time with Gander’s agile flight.

Ultraseven who absorbed solar energy near the Sun and came back made Gander whirl in mid air with Ultra Psychokinesis, and Gander was beaten with Eye Slugger.

Although it seems a limitation on Ultraseven’s action time was to be set from this point forward, the setting turned out to be left almost unused till the end.

Freezing breath

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