Episode Episode 11: “The Ruffian from Outer Space”
Alias Brain Wave Monster
Height 2.2 m  – 50 m
Weight 60 kg  – 60,000 t
Emergence Waterfront near Tokyo
Homeplace Space
Features Funny and mischievous character
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Gango (Gyango) is a unique, funny and mischievous monster created by brain waves of a greedy man.

One day Hoshino and his buddy kids found a meteorite which fell from the sky while playing in a field.

They found it’s a meteorite capable of making wishes come true.

Brought to Science Center by the SSSP, it was revealed it was a compound made of extraterrestrial unknown elements and that it was a mineral with an ability of a living creature.

So it could be something called a living stone.

Greedy Onita and meteorite he stole

It receives telepathy from a human around it and turns into anything as he/she wished.

Aware of it, a man Onita stole the meteorite plotting to make his greedy wishes come true and turned it into a monster he named Gango as a starter.

While playing pranks on people repeatedly using the human-sized Gango, Onita ordered it to become huge.

Onita’s wrongdoings look pretty harmless anyhow though he was supposed to be a bad guy.

Also, Gango acts like a mischievous boy rather than ruffian all the time.


So this is intended to be such a comical episode which is really funny all the way through and gave us kids a belly laugh at the time.

As Gango is a monster which embodied human imagination, it’s fun to see it have attractively counter-rotating abstractly shaped antennas along with toy-like sound effects and robot-like hands (with plain feet like a cartoon character).

In a battle with a playful mind against Ultraman, it turned back into the meteorite at last and was brought back to outer space by him safely.

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