Episode Episode 13: Garadama
Alias Meteorite Monster
Height 40 meters
Weight 60,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Tilsonia
Features Robot monster controlled by Alien Tilsonia
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Minoru Takahashi

Garamon is the monster which came out of a meteorite that fell down in Yumigatani Valley.

First of all, a small meteorite made of Tisonite, a substance that was not around on Earth, was picked by kids in the locality.

Meteorites were often found to fall in Yumigatani, and local people called them Garadama (literally meaning Gara Ball. Gara doesn’t make sense particularly).

In a while, with a mysterious Dellinger phenomenon, a huge meteorite crashed into the dam water in the valley, and Garamon emerged from it (the crash seemingly vaporized the water).

Huge Garadama containing Garamon

Although Garamon looks like a living creature, it’s a robot monster controlled by invasive aliens (Alien Tilsonia who didn’t appear in this episode) through radio waves emitted from the small meteorite that serves as the electronic brain.

Its somewhat awkward movements along with toy-like stepping sound makes Garamon more likely to be a robot.

The spines covering its entire body are set to be the radio wave receivers, and the electronic brain was so rigid to destroy in any way.

When Garamon was about to head for Tokyo after smashing the dam, the staff members of Department of Physics, Tonan University, managed to block the radio waves at Yuriko’s suggestion.


At that moment, Garamon came to a stop throwing up slimy liquid through the mouth.

While Garamon is described just as Monster in the drama and the credits, the name is said to be the abbreviation of Garadama Monster, and it is also explained that it was named as selected in an open call before the broadcasting.

Garamon reappeared in Episode 16 ‘Garamon Strikes Back’ of Ultra Q.

In Ultraman sequel to Ultra Q, Pigmon that exactly looks like Garamon appeared including Reborn Pigmon in Episode 8 ‘The Wild Monster Zone’ and Episode 37 ‘The Littlest Hero’ respectively.

Small Garadama (electronic brain) controlling Garamon

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