Episode Episode 16: Garamon Strikes Back
Alias Meteorite Monster
Height 40 meters
Weight 60,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Tilsonia
Features Robot monster controlled by Alien Tilsonia
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Minoru Takahashi

This episode features multiple Garamons sent to Earth for invasion while the alien controlling them finally showed up.

After the first Garamon was defeated in Episode 13 ‘Garadama’, the electronic brain was stolen from the Astronomical Physics Laboratory by a man with remote control where it had been stored.

Attracted to the radio wave the electronic brain started emitting, multiple Garadamas came flying to Earth immediately, and three Garamons emerged out of them.


Each of these Garamons had a marking on the chest to make the individuals distinctive although they had the same appearances as the one that appeared in Episode 13.

The two of them showed up in Tokyo, and the Tokyo Tower was shaken and destroyed by one of the two.

While this one seems to have been described as an extraordinarily huge individual lately because of its height compared with the Tokyo Tower (333 meters), I think the scale should be an issue you should overlook in this case and it’s appropriate to deem all Garamons to be in the same size.


The alien in the human form continued to flee with the electronic brain, but Manjome and others managed to capture him at last.

When the electronic brain was taken back and the radio wave was cut off, Garamons came to a halt all together throwing up the liquid.

To show two Garamons in the same scenes, the image of Garamon was duplicated by optical compositing with the use of the single suit (the same one as in Episode 13) with distinctive markings.

The use of markings to make multiple individuals look to be there was also applied to U-tom in Episode 17 ‘Underground: Go! Go! Go!’  of Ultraseven even though optical compositing was not used for the robot with no scenes in which plural U-toms appeared simultaneously.

Garamon rampaging in the streets of Tokyo making a mystetious hissing sound (I like to find that Garamon doesn’t roar)

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