Episode Episode 15: “Terrifying Cosmic Rays”
Alias 2D Monster
Height A: 30 m  B: 60 m
Weight A: 20,000 t  B: 40,000 t
Emergence Hume pipes yard
Homeplace Hume pipe
Features Coming out of a scribble drawn by kids; always asleep
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki (A & B)

Gavadon is a monster which came out of a scribble drawn by a boy named Mushiba (meaning cavity) and his buddies on a hume pipe.

The scribbled monster named Gavadon by Mushiba was exposed to a cosmic ray capable of turning 2D things into 3D during the night.

And it gave the scribbled monster an actual living form.

The first Govadon, which is usually described as Gavadon (A) in publication for the sake of convenience, looked very much simple and plain.

Gavadon drawn by Mushiba

It was always just asleep snoring loudly, which made the kids disappointed.

And then Gavadon (A) disappeared at dusk.

To make it look more like a strong and good-looking monster, the kids redrew the scribble.

The redrawn Gavadon, which is Gavadon (B), showed up the next morning, but it also fell asleep and started to snore.

The SSSP members became aware the monster would be harmless unless it’s attacked.

Gavadon redrawn by Mushiba and his buddies

But they found the snores of Gavadon were loud enough to devastate economic activities and decided to get rid of it.

The kids stood up against the SSSP to protect Gavadon.

They also begged Ultraman who showed up not to kill the monster they loved.

Ultraman held up Gavadon over his head and took it into space, and the monster became a twinkling star (constellation) in the sky.

Through telepathy Ultraman promised the kids to enable them to see Gavadon in the stars on the evening of July 7 every year, which is tanabata known as the star festival in Japan.

Gavadon in the night sky

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