GAVADON A;B (making)

#1: Gavadon A design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “Child Gavadon, in theory, could be an ameba or a larva of something, but, in design, it is more appropriate to say I made a moving abstract form. Scripts were hardly available yet at the point for me to design, and it was often the case that I drew designs based on the arrangements I had made with Mr. Kinjo and then placed orders with Mr. Takayama. But, in Gavadon’s case, I changed the design into (the picture) #3 as the image turned out to be totally different from my design when the script got ready. The image of Mummy Monster that was replaced by Dodongo was made into Gavadon.”

While the two versions of Gavadon are usually called among fans Gavadon A and B respectively for the sake of convenience, I think the version A was called Child Gavadon before that as Narita describes it as such.

#2: Gavadon B primary design drawn by Tohl Narita

According to Tetsuo Yamamura, Child Gavason, currently Gavadon A, was simply made from two sheets of urethane put together. It seems to have had just a hole underneath the body as the actor got in through the hole with no zipper.

As to Gavadon A, when looking at the design drawn by Narita, he might have had something more flexible in mind like an amorphous creature that changes its shape while it must have been hard to express the shapeshift with such a costume.

As the seal-like Gavadon B full of graffiti all over the body was switched to the finalized design, it has parts that look similar to those of Mummy Monster.

#3: Gavadon B finalized design drawn by Tohl Narita

While this episode was also produced by the combination of Akio Jissoji (director) and Mamoru Sasaki (writer), it is said that it originated from a script written by Jissoji under the pseudonym of Yuri Manpukuji with the title “Bakutaru (meaning “vague”)” for “Ultra Q” although it was rejected along with the other script written by him “Endless.”

The story of “Bakutaru” seems to have been about a kaiju named Bakugon that “feeds on” dreams as it was from the imaginary creature Baku alleged to devour dreams. As Bakugon is likely to have been a kaiju a dream was embodied into, there is something in common with a kaiju graffiti forms into.

#4: Mummy Monster design drawn by Tohl Narita

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  1. That unused design of Gavadon is so unique, it’s a pity it hasn’t been made into another kaiju. I love how the child looks like a surrealist sculpture, it really shows Narita’s influences. Recently I’ve watched the Gavadon episode with my girlfriend and we both found it very bittersweet. I was surpried to see myself shedding a tear at the ending!

    1. What a wonderful story! I hope your girlfriend also likes the series!
      As I have reiterated, it is such a great thing to find so much can be shared among us beyond the differences of languages and cultures about tokusatsu series! I am very much happy that you found this episode so much moving! (Yes, it Is an bittersweet episode…)

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