Episode Episode 9: “Operation: Uranium”
Alias Uranium Monster
Height 50 m (164 ft)
Weight 25,000 t (55,120,000 lb)
Emergence Unari Town; Abe Town
Homeplace Underground?
Features Six fins covering the face: atomic breath: fondness of uranium
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Akira Sasaki (fins)
Actor Haruo Nakajima

Gavora is a four-legged monster which feeds on uranium and blows an atomic breath.

It appeared near an uranium mine in a suburban town.

It’s fond of uranium 235 and advanced toward a storage having it stored after destroying the town.

Gavora is likely to have appeared in the past and people were well aware of its name and habits in the drama.


That made me feel odd at the time because nothing was mentioned in the drama about it.

This is because the reappearance of Pagos of “Ultra Q” was plotted initially in the script as a sequel to the episode (Ultra Q, Episode 18).

Pagos was an underground monster which breathed out a molecule destruction beam, and its favorite was also uranium.

The SSSP carried out an operation to lure Gavora out of the course with a uranium capsule hanging from the helicopter Hayata flied.


It worked, but the helicopter was attacked by Gavora and crashed (as expected. Don’t worry! 🙂 ).

Gavora had its face covered with six fins it had around the neck when it emerged from underground.

When watching it as a kid, I initially believed it was a monster with the head looking like a sharply pointed beak.

So I remember I was amazed to find its real face showing up suddenly uncovering the fins.

Gavora with fins covering the face in chase of the helicopter hanging an uranium capsule

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