Monsters not bad

Hesitant to shoot Spacium Beam, Ultraman lets Hydra fly away

The monsters appearing in the Ultra Series are not necessarily hideous ones.

Pigmon (Episode 8)

Initially, the ones of “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman” come out basically as a result of natural phenomenon.

Therefore, they are not necessarily malicious.

To us children of the time, I don’t think we had an idea Ultra Monsters are hateful enemies.

They looked cool and were attractive enough.

And even lovable ones.


Hydra (Episode 20)

Satoshi Furuya, who played Ultraman, also says in a condescending manner, “It is the monsters which played the leading role.”

Though Ultraman played the major role undeniably, it can’t do without the attractive monsters.

Also, there are monsters which are not bad ones among them.

As long as the monsters of “Ulraman,” Pigmon, for example, comes first as a friendly monster which sides with humans.

The life-sized monster appears in Episode 8 and 37, and its pure friendliness and devotion to sacrifice its own life to save people strikes our heart.


Woo (Episode 30)

In Episode 20 featuring Hydra, Ultraman lets it fly away.

Ultraman lets Woo go away in Episode 30 as well.

Both of the above are monsters portrayed like the guardians for children.

Mr. Furuya says in his memoir these two monsters came from the talk he had with Tetsuo Kinjo, screen writer for the early Ultra Series.

He says he suggested to have gentle Ultraman who lets a monster go without destruction.

They are the monsters unforgettable to the fans.

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