Genuine suit actor, Tetsuo Yamamura


Chamegon of “Kaiju Booska” is played by Tetsuo Yamamura.

Born in 1951, he was 15 years old then surprisingly.

Mr. Yamamura has a unique career as a suit actor.

He was a child actor initially and appeared in “The Underground Super Express Goes West” (“Ultra Q” Episode 10) as a mischievous shoeshine boy named Itachi, which means weasel.

Toshio (right)

It’s said, truly fascinated with the shooting set including the well-made monster suit, miniature and so on, he frequented Tsuburaya Productions from then on even, in his words, ignoring schoolwork.

Looks like he tried on each monster suit stored at Tsuburaya in those days.

He also played Toshio, a courageous Boy Scout, in “Operation: Uranium” (“Ultraman” Episode 9).

On the back of these, he was cast for the role of Chamegon unusually at the age of 15.

The Mizushimas

This is a story which makes me feel the generous-heartedness of the age or lovable easygoingness in my interpretation.

Mr. Yamamura is a precious witness of the early Ultra Series who experienced the shooting set from the same viewpoint as a child viewing the product on TV.

In “Space Prisoner 303” (“Ultra Seven” Episode 7), he also played the son of the Mizushimas to be attacked by the space prisoner 303.

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