Episode Episode 37: “The Littlest Hero”
Alias Chief Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 30,000 t
Emergence Mt. Oiwa
Homeplace Mt. Oiwa
Features Psychic ability to resurrect dead monsters; Zero Gravity Beam; Flying feathers
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Geronimon is a monster which has an psychic ability to revive dead monsters.

Incidentally this episode marked the highest viewing rate at 42.8% throughout the series.

Geronimon plotted to bring 60 monsters beaten by the SSSP and Ultraman back to life and launch a full scale attack on them in revenge.


But, as he resurrected Pigmon friendly with humans, his plot was revealed to the SSSP through the tiny monster.

So Geronimon eventually ended up resurrecting only 3 monsters, which, to be honest, made me a bit disappointed as a kid at the time.

The number of 60 should include the ones defeated by the SSSP alone before Ultraman came to the earth because it’s too large.

Zero Gravity Beam (Smoke?)

Geronimon has colorful feathers from the head through the tail which look really beautiful and is capable of flying the tail feathers and controlling them.

He also emits Zero Gravity Beam like a smoke from the mouth.

The feathers flown stick into the chest and back of Ultraman.

Although Ultraman escaped into the sky to avoid them, they kept chasing him insistently.

Ultra Barrier

Ultraman stopped the feathers by telekinesis in midair and burnt them down with Spaceum Beam.

Geronimon gave out Zero Gravity Beam, but it was also bounced back by Ultra Barrier and made himself float in the air.

Held up by Ultraman, Geronimon was finished off by Ide with a new weapon Spark 8 he invented and developed.

Spark 8

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