Episode Episode 22: Metamorphosis
Alias Giant Butterfly
Height 80 centimeters
Wingspan 2 meters
Weight 100 grams
Homeplace Tateshina Plateau
Features Having toxic scales
Actor None (puppet)

Giant Morphos are huge morpho butterflies found in the welands area Koji wandered into.

Koji was an academic studying entomology, and a normal-sized morpho caught his eye when he visited Tateshina Plateau, Nagano Prefecture, with his fiancée, Ayako, although it’s not a species supposed to be in Japan.

Ayako tried to chase Koji who went into the deep woods attracted to the butterfly, and she found him writhing with Giant Morphos flying above.

After he drank the water of a swamp with burning thirst caused by the toxic scales Giant Morphos are set to have, Ayako found Koji who had transformed into a giant in the woods in a few days.

Giant Koji

Regrettably, the depiction ended up leaving it unclear what caused him to have become a giant: Giant Morpho’s scales or the water, or could be the combined effect of both. (since a book I read as a kid back then explained it was because of the scales, that made me think I’d never get close to morphos if any.)

When Ayako guided Manjome and the others to the swamp, it was found to have dried up and disappeared.

The area Koji and Ayako stepped into looks to be exactly the Unbalance Zone, another universe especially featured in the episodes produced as the ones of UNBALANCE that was the title of the series before it was changed into Ultra Q.

Giant Morphos seem to be portrayed as what represents the entryway to another universe we don’t know…

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