Episode Episode 22: Metamorphosis
Alias None
Height 20 meters
Weight 500 tons
Homeplace Wetland
Features Giant
Actor Kozo Nomura

Giant is the form a man named Koji mutated into while chasing a morpho butterfly that is supposed to inhabit South America.

When Koji wandered into wetlands and was exposed to toxic scales of giant butterflies found there, he turned into the giant after drinking the water of a swamp. (It is also explained in publications that the toxic scales made him become a giant.)

Ayako, Koji’s wife-to-be and one of Yuriko’s friends, ran away in fear abandoning the giant her lover transformed into.

Koji in delight at the sight of a morpho butterfly with Ayako aside

While a tumult arose among people who found the giant’s footsteps in the woods and thought there could be an abominable snowman, the giant showed up in front of people.

As Koji turned feral after the transformation, the giant doesn’t speak words while just growling and roaring at people and started destroying a village.

Ayako thought that it was only her who could save koji and begged him to return to the mountains from a fire lookout.

When the giant tried to grab her, he was shot with the Heat Atomic X-ray Dr. Ichinotani developed and turned back to the normal size.

This is an episode questioning whether your love remains unchanged even if your lover should slip into the Unbalance Zone.

The giant emerged in a village

According to one explanation, this episode featuring a giant could have developed into the idea of a giant superhero fighting against monsters along with the 1965 movie ‘Frankenstein vs. Baragon’ co-produced by Toho and UPA, and it was realized in Ultraman.

Kozo Nomura who played Koji (and the giant) appeared as Dr. Miyabe in Episode 19 of Ultraseven.

Machiko Naka as Ayako also acted Mrs. Ishiguro in Episode 2 of Ultraseven.

It’s awful to find her lover and husband always transform into a monster while she acted a good-natured woman all the time.

Ayako running toward the giant

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