Gimmicks for a movement


As to gimmicks, the ones to open and close the mouth or eyelids were also attractive.

Those gimmicks gave Kaiju a feeling of vitality.

Kaiju Antlar (Ultraman) has beautifully-shaped huge antlers.

The antlers and the mouth make a movement.


Kaiju Gavora (Ultraman) has fins to cover its head.

When it appears from the underground, it looks like a totally different Kaiju because of the fins covering the head.

I love the sharpness of the appearance.

Gavora was made remolding Nelonga.

The fins were attached to make Gavora look different from Nelonga.

This kind of remodeling often happened in “Ultraman” for the sake of cost-cutting.


You can tell Nelonga, Gavora and Maglla (all appearing in “Ultraman”) are the same suit as all their backs have the same shape, and their heads look similar.

First of all, Nelonga was made by remolding Toho Kaiju Baragon.

Baragon’s head was replaced by Nelonga’s with the body remaining the same.


According to Shigeo Kurakata, the gimmicks were operated manually by pulling wires in most of the cases with a limited budget.

We Japanese abbreviate remote control as “rimokon.”

As wires are called “himo” in Japanese, the operating system was named “himokon” jokingly.


Anyway, Kaiju’s gimmicks are one of the attractive points about the early Ultra Series.

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