Episode Episode 20: Smash Epicenter X
Alias Necleus Monster
Height 65 meters
Weight 160,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Shaplay
Features Manipulated by Alien Shaplay
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Yoshimi Kato

Giradorus is the space monster manipulated by Alien Shaplay.

The kaiju appeared in response to Alien Shaplay’s calling when he died.

Giradorus seems to have dug deeply into the ground until it hit the Earth’s nucleus and ingested Ultonium.

Its action caused local earthquakes which made the Ultra Garrison start to investigate them.


Giradorus has four luminous parts sticking out on the face and luminous fins on the back reminiscent of Zumbolar of Ultraman.

It’s capable to control the weather freely by making the luminous parts and fins glow even though I don’t know how it works.

The snowstorm it created made Ultraseven suffer, but Seven cut off Giradorus’ head with Eye Slugger and also restored the weather.

As a child it was impressive to see particles of Ultonium spill out of the opening in a large amount.

Dan transforming into Seven in the Magmarizer

Giradorus is a unique kaiju with the luminous parts as features, and the teeth curving outward are also interesting.

Just like Alien Iyros, the costume the actor got in sitting on his knees also made the kaiju look all the more unique.

As a child the other attraction of this episode was that the Ultra Garrison members got so afraid of Dr. Iwamura who was an obstinate and nagging old man. (He was actually a good guy, though.)

It was fun to find Furuhashi set as a strong man and, moreover. even Dan set to be an alien and superhero frightened by the difficult man.

The Magmarizer mobilized again following Episode 17 is also attractive.


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