Go Nagai Toy Exhibition #3

A great number of Go Nagai character toys were on display in the venue. I myself remember I built a plastic model of Mazinger Z as a kid, and, if my memory is correct, it was supposed to walk when the Hover Pilder when docking on Mazinger’s head as the bottom of the Pilder and the head had metal plates to transmit electricity, but it didn’t work well somehow.

As I am not familiar with current trends of such toys including real-looking ones finely elaborated. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have seen so many Kotetsu Jeeg toys.

There were toys that were utterly unfamiliar to me. The rightmost ones are cheap-looking wooden Mazinger Z toys with deliberate crudity seemingly named “This Is Not It” Mazinger. It is hilarious for sure, but it makes me wonder who would buy such toys while they are quite expensive (about $80). A good deal?

The copies of these panels with Go Nagai’s characters drawn by recent illustrators were also on sale in which each character is portrayed in a fashionable way more like current manga products while they make me fully aware that these illustrations were done excellently with a great deal of respect for Nagai’s characters.

I myself absolutely like the illustrations drawn by Nagai himself when the products were actually being covered in the magazines while I find them illustrated with extremely impressive strokes as he was in his prime in those days.

Along with the characters and toys, the theme songs of Go Nagai’s anime products were always playing in the background in the venue and made me feel so nostalgic that I couldn’t resist singing softly to myself while watching the items.

It was quite an enjoyable exhibition although I came across it by sheer chance. Hope my articles got to convey the ambiance of the exhibition!

I cordially wish Nagai good health, longevity and every success in his further career as a great manga artist!

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