Godzilla In Shinjuku #1

Happy New Year to all of you, my friends! Thank you for having waited for my new posts! I had not been able to post any entries till now as I had been very busy with chores I had to do over the end and beginning of the year.

With a couple more entries on Akio Jissoji to be posted soon afterwards, I would like to show you some pictures of GODZILLA who appeared in Shinjuku, Tokyo, as I went there to see it after I had happened to glance at it from the train when passing through Shinjuku the other day although you may already know this issue better than me.

For people who would like to take a look at it when visiting Japan, I will show you the way to Godzilla with pictures rather precisely. I hope that helps.

Sorry for the blurred photo above but this is the JR Shinjuku Station. For the Godzilla, you can get through the east exit of the station while this is exactly the east exit where I came from.

When getting out of the east exit of the JR Shinjuku Station, be careful about which exit you have to get through as the station is huge enough to get you lost, this view unfolds before your eyes. The Studio ALTA in front is one of the famous landmarks in Shinjuku where people often meet up.

Right across the street, you can find a street with trees like this with a fruit store on the right-hand corner with a conspicuous signboard of fruits brightly painted.

Just go down the street. There are so many people. While the fruit store on the right hand side is closed with the shutters, I took this picture before it opened and the above one after it opened. That’s why.

After going down the street, it is just a short distance, you will find another street (Yasukuni Dori Street). Can you recognize Godzilla’s head popping out of a building ahead? The people in front are just waiting to cross the street, and it is not that they were frozen in place at the emergence of Godzilla!

8 thoughts on “Godzilla In Shinjuku #1”

  1. Yes, Happy New Year to Ultopia and all of its followers! Thank you for creating this place where we can share our love of the Ultra series and other tokusatsu. I think we gain a deeper dimension of understanding by communicating with each other through this Ultopia. I never could have imagined getting to know Prassio’s Italian perspective, or seeing the books and illustrations from Thailand that Pisit shares with us, until this website. I wish a Happy New Year to Booska and all of the followers of Ultopia!

        1. Thank you so much for the drawing, Pisit! I like the orange and red fiery aura surrounding Ultraman. Thank you for always sharing your illustrations and the images from your Thai tokusatsu books and comics with us. May you have a happy new year!

      1. The Ultraman looks so cool, Pisit-san! I really love this too! Yes, thank you for sharing your fabulous drawings with us! I truly enjoy seeing them!

        May the tokusatsu be with you this year too! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much indeed for your kind remarks as always, RT!
      Yes, I do agree. I think it is wonderful to have people from different parts of the world share their views and love for the Ultra Series here in my blog!
      I really appreciate your replies too as they encourages me a lot and I often find them hilarious as well!

      May the tokusatsu be with you this year too! 🙂

  2. Dear Booskasan
    For me, Founding this website is the lukiest thing of my 2017. Many years ago, How to find the information about making of ultra series is the hardest thing for ultramanfans who cannot use Japanese. Because of the interesting information is in Japanese, In English is just a basic information that people also known. Until I found this website, My questions had solve. For somebody who spend their time for give many interesting story about ultra series and tokusatsu to us, It’s means They’re loving in Ultraman so much and have a generous mind to give to the others. Once again, thank you for many amazing stories about ultraseries and tokusatsu you gave us.
    In this auspicious time, I wish you and your family always be happy and have a good health from now on.
    P.S. Congratulations! There’s commercial for Ultopia amazing Ultraman world now! It’s so wonderful.

    1. Oh, Pisit-san, thank you so much for your kind words and great illustration! I am almost choked with touching emotions about all of these you kindly did for me!

      Surprisingly enough, your drawing truly illustrates the way I am writing posts for this blog! I don’t think I have ever had anyone in Japan who is so nice as to understand what I am doing this well regarding my work.

      Your illustration and warm remarks really gave me a great start of the year 2018!

      As to the ads, besides the purpose of monetizing this blog, advertising Ultraman-related items is a pleasure for me hoping to help their sales to increase outside of Japan so that it can possibly lead to a wider lineup of the items from the manufacturers as the declining birthrate in Japan makes it totally unlikely that the manufacturers secure demands of their items in the future.

      Anyway, thank you very much again, Pisit-san!

      Wishing you and your family all the best, my friend!

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