Godzilla In Shinjuku #3

This place where the Shinjuku Toho Building including the Toho Cinemas and Gracery Hotel is located used to have a time-honored performance theater called “Koma Gekijo (Koma Theater)” that was seen as a landmark of the Kabukicho district. The Koma Theater seems to have been demolished because of deterioration in 2011 after the theater got out of business due to less popularity while I didn’t know it at all.

The Koma Theater seems to have been here since the 1950s and gained great popularity in the 1970s for the shows performed at the theater although I had never entered the theater. In my impression, it looked more like a theater that attracted older people when I was in my 20s.

Turning around the corner of the newly built Shinjuku Toho Building, I tried to head for a movie theater I often visited to see movies in my youth to see what happened to it as I have not been there for a very long time.

Oh, my goodness, this is unbelievable! The whole movie theater is gone!!! This is exactly where it used to be! There used to be a fountain-like structure in the center of this square with a large movie theater in front while I forgot the name (I think it was “Shinjuku Plaza Theater”). I remember I often went to see movies there with my friends in my teens and 20s…

Well, I have no choice but to accept the reality. I am going back to the station to go home. This is the street with the fruit store I showed to you in my previous post when I looked back.

These are pictures put up on walls near the entrance of the JR Shinjuku Station that show what this area looked like in the past. They have descriptions that the one on the left side was taken in 1932 and the other one in 1958. As I was born in 1962, a view similar to the one on the right should have unfolded if I had visited this area at that time. (If you are interested in retro-looking townscapes of Japan, you can visit another blog I am running about it!)

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