Episode Episode 24: The Idol of Goga
Alias Shell Beast
Height 20 meters (at maximum)
Weight 20,000 tons (at muximum)
Homeplace Arve (fictional nation), South Asia
Features Having been sealed in the Idol of Goga
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor None (puppet)

Goga is the shell monster that goes down as a formidable kaiju which ruined the Aranka Empire overnight 6,000 years ago when the creature revived as vice thrived there.

Although it had been sealed in the Idol of Goga brought in Tokyo by an atrocious gang of smugglers, the radiation the idol was exposed to, when X-rays were taken of it, ended up bringing the monster back to life.

And Goga started destroying the streets of Tokyo in giant form.

While it has a shell shaped like a turban shell and a snail-like body, it’s capable of firing a beam from the eyes that burns up a human and of digging through the earth with a drill it has on the tip of the shell.

Tiny Goga having come out of the idol with charming little eyes glowing

Goga can also roll on the ground when moving.

Whereas it was feared that Tokyo would be annihilated like the Aranka Empire all over again, as legend has it that Goga is to fall down in a sea of flames, a concerted attack the Self-Defense Forces flamethrowers launched on Goga beat the monster by making it burst into flames.

Goga is a monster I find pretty attractive, and it’s also fun to see it have a drill to dig its way through underground, which is a feature making it look more like an Ultra kaiju than a mere giant shell.

I also like finding the entire shell glows creepily.

Goga going into its glowing shell

A drill similar to a turban shell was applied to Gubila of Ultraman as well while the head of Kanegon is also shaped like the shell.

The story connected with an ancient civilization is another fun thing reminiscent of Episode 19 ‘Demons Rise Again’ in Ultraman.

It is also noteworthy that Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, the original Ultraman actor, played a gang member who was killed when shot with a beam fired from the Idol of Goga. (Goga defeated Ultraman ahead of Zetton…)

I found the settings of an ancient idol with a monster sealed inside was truly creepy and horrifying as a child.

A gang member acted by Furuya looking at the Idol of Goga whose eyes are gleaming in the darkness (Let me refrain from posting the image as I find it so creepy)

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