Episode Episode 29: “The Challenge into Subterra”
Alias Golden Monster
Height 65 m
Weight 60,000 t
Emergence Otayama gold mine
Homeplace Underground
Features Burrowing underground
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Exproduction
Actor Koji Ougi

Goldon is a monster which emerged from an abandoned gold mine.

Feeding on gold the entire body shines like gold as shown by its name, which makes the monster look so beautiful.

It has a segmented body like caterpillar as Telesdon does.

This episode has a couple of features which are pretty enjoyable.

Firstly it has two Goldons appear within the story with the second one showing up after the first one was defeated.


Secondly it features the SSSP’s new equipment Belsider as shown in the episode title.

Belsider is a prototype underground tank Ide designed and the Science Center produced.

Incidentally, it was named after a fantasy Hollow Earth novel Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

It’s a shame to see the tank appear only this time through the series.

Such an underground tank which burrows deep underground with a drill at the tip is very much exciting.

Underground tank Belsider

The Mole (Jet Mole in the Japanese language version) of a British TV SFX series “Thunderbirds” and the Magmariser of “Ultra Seven” also made us excited so much.

The first Goldon was beaten by the SSSP with their Corona Shot and Supergun.

The second one was defeated by Ultraman with Spaceum Beam.

The episode was concluded with a narration stating that pure gold as much as 150 tons was collected from the dead body of Goldon and that it was donated as reconstruction fund for the village ruined by the monster.

2 thoughts on “GOLDON”

  1. I really like Goldon. It is one of the few kaiju who look like a Sauropod dinosaur, so it is bound to be somehow special. I know there’s another one in the Ultraman manga, but other than these two I really can’t think of more long necked kaiju. It’s a shame, because it’s a very unique shape, but I also imagine it must be tough to operate the cables for such a long neck and a long tail.

    1. I love his beautiful gold color. Yes, the wire handling must have been a big issue, and it should have been the main reason why a long-necked monster of this kind didn’t appear so often in the shows.

      His suit seems to have been the one with the upper and lower parts of the body separable where it’s segmented so that he had no fastner to get in on his back!

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