Episode Episode 1: Defeat Gomess!
Alias Ancient Monster
Height 10 meters
Weight 30,000 tons
Homeplace Third construction area of the bulet highway
Features Going into battle with Litra
Designer Yasuyuki Inoue (Toho Special Art Division)
Sculptor Toho Special Art Division (remodeled by Keizo Murase from Godzilla’s costume used in the 1964 Toho movie ‘Mothra vs. Godzilla’)
Actor Haruo Nakajima

Gomess is the monster that appeared from underground in the third construction area of the bullet highway awaken from the state of hibernation.

It’s a ferocious and carnivorous monster set to be a species of primitive mammals belonging to the Cenozoic Era.

Gomess went into battle with Litra, a Phoenix-like monster found in the form of the egg (described as ‘pupa’ in the show somehow) in the same construction site.


Although Gomess initially gained ground in the battle, Litra turned the tables by poking in Gomess’s eye with its sharp beak.

And Gomess was beaten by Litra in the end exposed to citronella acid the bird monster breathed out.

While Gomess and Litra are set to be much shorter than the monsters of the later episodes of Ultra Q and later Ultra Series, they must have been perceived to be large enough by the standards of the time.


And the miniature sets built to match them in scale helped the SFX scenes look all the more realistic with an impact reminiscent of kaiju movies of the same period.

It’s well known that Gomess’s costume is the one remodeled from Toho’s Godzilla and it was played by the original Godzilla actor, Haruo Nakajima.

Nakajima also played Jirass in Episode 10 ‘The Mysterious Dinosaur Base’ of Ultraman that was the other monster remodeled from Godzilla’s suit for the Ultra Series.

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