GOMORA (making) #2

Gomora in the studio

Kurakata added he had been really nervous wondering if the radio control receiver might break at any time especially in the scene where Gomora’s tail was severed and the part where the tail dropped off caught fire as the heat and fire could have damaged the receiver.

Although there are some pictures of Ultraman and Gomora fighting with each other in front of Osaka Castle that should have been demolished by the kaiju before Ultraman appeared, it is known that these are the still photos shot before the castle was destroyed.

As to the miniature of Osaka Castle, it is known that Akira Sasaki who sculpted the original Ultraman and Ultraseven heads was involved in making it. He says he still remembers the sculpting of Osaka Castle well along with the National Stadium that appeared in Ultraman Episode 19 featuring Abolas and Banila.

Kunio Suzuki who acted Gomora got into the suit with goggles probably to protect his eyes from explosions of gunpowder
Gomora standing by at the side of Osaka Castle

Sasaki says it took him about 10 days to make the castle with the help of part-time assistants using plaster and wood with the structure to be built on the rock foundation made of styrofoam.

He adds the castle was all white when it was shaped, and they painted it finally. He also explains that the National Stadium miniature was not the whole thing of it but with one fourth or one fifth of it reproduced, saying he had a very hard time as he had to work overnight in succession to make it meet the deadline for the filming.

It is well known that the Gomora costume was remodeled into Zaragas in the end. Although it seems that Gomora was due to reappear in Ultraman Episode 37 set to be resurrected by Geronimon along with Red King, it was not realized because Gomora had already been made into Zaragas at that time, and they had Telesdon appear instead.

One of the still photos with Ultraman shot before the castle was destroyed by Gomora


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