Episode Episode 26 & 27: “The Prince of Monsters: Part 1 & 2”
Alias Anscient Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Johnson Island
Homeplace Johnson Island
Features Robust vitality; attack by the long tail
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Gomora could be regarded as one of the orthodox, typical and ultimate monsters appearing in “Ultraman” or throughout the Ultra Series.

Its massive appearance makes Gomora look just like a monster among monsters.

The two-parted episodes to depict the rampage of Gomora including ruining even Osaka Castle was so exciting and made us feel like we were viewing a kaiju movie.

Gomora rampages in the streets of Osaka

Actually these two episodes were edited into a movie along with Episode 1 and 8 which was screened in 1967.

Gomora is set to be a dinosaur species surviving since one hundred and fifty million years ago named Gomorasaurus.

It was discovered alive on Johnson Island (fictional island)  in the South Pacific.

It was planned to capture Gomora alive and put it on display for the Japan World Exposition in Osaka by bringing it to the venue from Johnson Island under anesthesia.

Gomora ruins Osaka Castle

It accidentally awoke from anesthesia and started to rampage in mid air.

With its strong vitality it didn’t die though it fell down to the ground from the sky as high as 2000 meters.

And Gomora defeated Ultraman with its attack by the long and strong tail one time.

Surprisingly enough the tail kept alive and went on a rampage wiggling violently in the streets of Osaka temporarily after it was cut off from the body of Gomora by the SSSP’s Mars 133.

But Gomora with no tail was no match for Ultraman.

Gmomora defeated Ultraman with its tail attack

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