Good or bad?

Alien Pegassa (Episode 6)

As you may be able to see in the previous posts, the Ultra Series often goes beyond the simple world of only right and wrong.

The subject of “Ultra Seven” is invasion from space by aliens.

The aliens appearing n the drama, however, do not necessarily have an intention to invade Earth.

Alien Pegassa, for example, has no purpose of invasion.


The aliens constructed a huge city named Pegassa City in cosmic space as their home planet became no longer inhabitable.

The power system malfunction of Pegassa City puts it on a collision course with Earth.

The TDF faces a tough decision about blowing up the city to save Earth.

Dan and Anne get friendly with the Pegassa agent sent in before that.

Because he is a gentlemanly nice guy, it is all the more tragic.


Alien Annnon (Episode 16)

Alien Annon is a bodiless alien who loves peace firmly.

The alien acts by possessing an inorganic body which looks like a huge rock.

Annon comes to give cautions against invasion of their planet by Earth, mistaking the unmanned observatory rocket launched by Earth toward Planet Annon for an act of aggression.

Especially in “Ultra Seven,” it is repeatedly depicted Earthlings are not necessarily good.

Can you feel the abundance of the Ultra World?

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