Episode Episode 7: S.O.S. Mount Fuji
Alias Rock Monster
Height 40 meters
Weight 100,000 tons
Homeplace Pond at the foot of Mt. Fuji
Features Made up of rocks clustering around a glowing nucleus
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Undescribed
Actor Haruyoshi Nakamura

Gorgos is the four-footed monster with short limbs whose entire body is made of huge rocks.

With an acceleration in volcanic activities around Mt. Fuji, a large mass of rock suddenly soared into the air out of the pond and fell down to the ground at the foot of the mountain.

The rock had a ‘nucleus’ mysteriously beating like the heart with a glow that makes it tantamount to a ‘living rock.’

As it was in the way, the rock was blasted with dynamite by workers while they were unaware of the nucleus, and the pieces were dumped by trucks in a depot.

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And that night the dumped pieces clustered around the nucleus as they were attracted to it so that the mass of rocks became a rock monster.

Gorgos (with the same roar of Godzilla) started rampaging at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, and Takeru, wild young man living alone in the wilderness, stood against the rock monster.

Takeru jumped onto Gorgos courageously and managed to take the glowing ‘nucleus’ out of its back while holding on to the monster frantically.

Then he finished off the nucleus by shooting it with a pistol he had got from a police officer friendly to him.

Takeru (doll: top right) holding on to Gorgos

Gorgos is a kaiju I find quite interesting although it’s not the one that stands out so much in the series.

Although it’s a rock monster, it also looks like an aquatic creature such as salamander.

Above all, I found it fun and creepy that it had a glowing nucleus that attracted pieces of rocks as a kid.

As it seems that Gorgos was set to be a kaiju made up of a meteorite that came flying from space in ancient  times (it was not described in the drama), it could have been a space monster originally.

Takeru aiming the pistol at the nucleus of Gorgos

As Kemlar that appeared in Ultraman had a similar glowing organ on its back, I remember I mixed them up as a child.

It’s also said that Gorgos was to reappear in Episode 25 ‘Strange Commet Cyphon’ of Ultraman but it was replaced by Red King (II) instead (perhaps because of the suit’s condition).

I feel like I wanted to see Gorgos appear again in Ultraman.

2 thoughts on “GORGOS”

  1. I really like Gorgos. Some toys and illustrations give it crazy colors on its head, whose shape is also very interesting as it looks like a miniature mountain. There are so many mountain monsters but just like real mountains they all look different.

    1. Yes, Gorgos is also one of my favorites for me, too. I find the idea of a rocky mountain monster with the creepy nucleus is superb! He is attractive enough even without an ostentatious appearance.

      I think that’s an excellent feature about the Narita kaijus.
      Thanks for sharing your view! Grazie!

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