GORO (Making)

Regarding the making of Goro (Gorō), there are just a few things to talk about unfortunately as the costume was remodeled from the King Kong costume used in a Toho movie.

It is said that the suit came from the King Kong that appeared in the 1962 Toho movie “King Kong vs. Godzilla” with his head newly modeled and a tail attached to the costume.

It seems that the Goro costume was used afterwards in the 1967 Toho movie “King Kong Escapes” (the Japanese title is “King Kong strikes back”) for the scenes shot in a pool.

Alongside of the costume, a life-size hand of Goro was sculpted and used in the show as it was operated by a crane outdoors, but I personally find it a bit shame that it didn’t look so real.

While the scenes in which he drinks milk from buckets are my favorite in this episode, the buckets made of tin used in the shooing still remain even now and I actually saw them displayed at an exhibition.

And I recently found a figure doll of Goro with milk buckets to come with it on the Net.

When it comes to another behind-the-scene story, the stuff which made Goro a giant ape is “green leaves walnuts” in the aired story as it was “Helypron Crystal G” in the script, but the name was changed into “green leaves walnuts” as the sponsorship of the show by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company was decided so as to avoid possible disputes which could have arisen as the company could possibly hate medicine being treated as a bad thing.

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  1. It’s so funny that a ape monster whose suit is reused from King Kong vs Godzilla appears in a show that has a pharmaceutical company as their sponsor, just like Pacific Pharmaceuticals from that movie awakened King Kong to be used as a mascotte!

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