Episode Episode 2: Goro and Goroh
Alias Giant Monkey
Height 50 meters
Weight 10,000 tons
Homeplace Awashima Island
Features Friendly with Goroh
Sculptor Remodeled from King Kong’s costume used in the 1962 Toho movie ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla’
Actor Yukio Fukutome

Goro is the giant ape that an Atelidae mutated into after it ate a large amount of the ‘green leaves walnut’ (Helypron Crystal G in the script) and the drug disrupted the thyroid hormone balance.

Goro caused a stir among people by showing up on the rope way route of Awashima Island or gulping buckets of milk on a milk truck passing by.

The Atelidae was friendly with Goroh (Kazuo Suzuki), a man who almost grew up among apes after losing his parents when he was a young child and has difficulties in speaking words.


While their friendship remained unchanged even after the mutation, Goroh was arrested by the local police while trying to steal food crops to feed Goro.

Goro wandered into the local town looking for Goroh in police custody and started raging as it was shot by police.

At Seki‘s suggestion, it was decided that Goro was to be taken to Irian Island (outside Japan) while sleeping where the people live in peace with giant apes like Goro.

When Goro was made fall asleep by the sleeping drug included in milk given to it by Goroh, the man who didn’t understand what had happened to his friend let out an anguished cry while Goro was just staying asleep peacefully.

Goro may be a mere ape monster by today’s standards, but the SFX scenes shown in this episode were truly remarkable including the finely crafted miniature sets (also the milk buckets).

So I think this is the episode that enables you to enjoy the fun of SFX  of the time even today.

By the way, I have noticed that, on the premise that Goro is the ape and Goroh is the man, the Japanese original title goes as ‘Goroh and Goro’ despite the English title ‘Goro and Goroh.’ (well, either way, it’s OK. I’m getting confused…)

Goroh with a milk bucket unaware that it contained a sleeping drug

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