Episode Episode 44: The Terrifying Super-Simian
Alias Ape Man
Height 2 meters
Weight 70 kilograms
Homeplace Monkey Land
Features A human with his brain waves converted into those of an ape
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Keiichi Taki

Gorry is not a kaiju but a human zookeeper of the Monkey Land whose brain waves were converted into those of an ape with Alien Goron‘s Brain Waves Converter.

While he doesn’t speak words with as much intelligence as apes, when he got excited, he transformed into an ape man like a gorilla.

The ape man beat two police officers to death breaking their cervical spines with his superhuman power.

Gorry attracted to Anne

Of all things, Gorry was attracted to Anne who took care of his injury when she visited the Monkey Land with Dan for investigation related to the police officers murder case.

When Anne got captured by Dr. Mayama (Junji Masuda) and his assistant Tamiko (Akemi Nishi), both of whom were being manipulated by Alien Goron, for the experiment of the converter, Gorry left shacked there in the basement transformed into the ape man and started rampaging tearing off the shackles.

Dr. Mayama and Tamiko trying to turn Anne into an ape woman in the basement

Although Gorry freed Anne, he tried to take her away and chased after her even onto the boat she rode on.

When he was found by the other Ultra Garrison members who got there to rescue Anne, Gorry was shot dead by them while turning into the ape man and holding up a stone to try to throw it at them.

The conclusion makes me feel sorry for him given he was made into the ape man by Alien Goron and turned out to save Anne.

I also found the transformation sequence in the basement so horrifying as a kid.

Gorry chaging into the ape man

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