Episode Episode 24: “The Undersea Science Center”
Alias Submarine Monster
Height 50 m
Weight 35,000 t
Emergence Undersea
Homeplace Undersea
Features Drill
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Gubila is a monster dwelling in the deep sea which emerged from underground in the sea.

It destroyed a submarine pipeline with its drill and approached the Undersea Science Center newly built for marine resourse exploitation.

The pipeline Gubila broke was for supplying the center with oxygen.

And four people including Cap. Muramatsu and Hoshino were trapped in the building.

Undersea Science Center

Unaware Gubila was the culprit, Akiko Fuji thought she mistakenly damaged the pipeline by losing control of the SSSP submarine S25  and felt responsible for the accident.

She tried to rescue the trapped people at the risk of being attacked by Gubila and made it in result.

Gubila has a unique appearance similar to a filefish with a drill on the nose.

It didn’t battle with Ultraman in the water.


It came out of the ground with the drill and went into a battle with him on the ground.

It spouts like Gamakugira.

The drill was sturdy enough to bounce off Ultraman’s Ultra Slash.

It’s fun to see the light ring turn around together with the turning drill when rebounded.

It had its drill broken off by Ultraman and exploded with a shot of Spaceum Beam.

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