Episode Episode 6: “The Coast Guard Command”
Alias Marine Beast
Emergence Tokyo Bay
Height 60 m (196.9 ft)
Weight 10,000 t (22,050,000 lb)
Homeplace South America
Features Deadly poison of the spines
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

In the settings Guesra was originally a lizard dwelling in South America which feeds on cacao beans.

According to the explanation by one of the characters in the drama, it was possibly brought to Japan together with cacao beans on a ship.

And it’s assumed it mutated into a monster in the polluted water of Tokyo Bay.

It’s a gentle and useful lizard to get rid of bugs feeding on cacao beans naturally.


But it has severely poisonous spines all over the body which could kill even a jaguar if the lizard should lose its temper.

And it has a habit of getting mad with loud noises.

Monsterized Guesra attacked ships carrying cacao in Tokyo Bay.

Attracted to the smell of cacao beans in storage, Guesra landed on the waterfront.


The shooting sounds of pistols shot by gangs headed by their boss named Diamond Kick smuggling jewelry made it violent.

Ultraman was forced to struggled to fight against Guesra due to its poisonous spines.

He tore its fin (described as an antenna in the drama), Guesra’s weak point, from the monster finally.

Weakened Guesra disappeared in the water.

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