GUIGASS (making)

Guigass design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “I designed it with the image of strength above all.”

As it is well known among fans, the costume of Guigass was remodeled from that of Hydra. Hydra was sculpted by Ex Production and the remodeling into Guigass was also done by the same company. So Narita’s design should have been naturally drawn on the assumption that the costume was to be based on Hydra.

Tetsuo Yamamura says in the Ultraman Research Book that the costume was very heavy with the feeling of weight felt around the shoulders leaving the arms only movable with the parts below the elbows when worn.

Enlarged head part of the design

Keizo Murase says in the same section of the book it actually had a pile of lead weights in the shoulders while the purpose is left unexplained in the passage.

Partly because Guigass was a kaiju less impressive along with its appearance that makes it look just like an abominable snowman, I didn’t notice it was remodeled from Hydra for a long time before I was told so. Nevertheless, the sculpture of the costume is so excellent along with Hydra.

Photo allegedly taken at Ex Production

In my personal impression, Ex Production did a very good job in sculpting Ultra kaijus alongside of those sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama as I believe the production company was also involved in sculpting “kaijin (mysterious human)” characters for the series “Kamen Rider” in later years.

Putting it the other way around, the fact that Takayama sculpted his kaijus as much excellently makes his ability as a sculptor look even more outstanding while he was actually a “painter,” not a sculptor, although Ex Production consisted of staff who had been deeply involved in Kaiju sculpting for Toho movies as skilled sculptors.

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