Episode Episode 25: “Strange Comet Cyphon”
Alias Freezing Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 15,000 t
Emergence Japan Alps
Homeplace Japan Alps
Features Looking like an abominable snowman
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Exproduction
Actor Akira Minami

Guigass is a monster like a abominable snowman dwelling in the Japan Alps.

The monster appeared on the occasion of Strange Comet Cyphon passing by close to the earth.

It got involved in battles with the other monsters which are Dorako and Red King II.

Guigass appears to be a bit winsome monster which blinks the eyes in surprise when attacked by Red King II.

I thought its alias was Abominable Snowman Monster and that I saw it described as such in publication before.


But I’ve now found it’s Freezing Monster.

It seems that it was set to breathe out a freezing beam or something in the settings.

But such a weapon was left unused in the drama.

The SSSP had Guigass and Dorako fight against each other so they could destroy themselves in sort of a family feud.

“Humans are wily creatures. I now understand the secret why we humans have uniquely survived this way since the dawn of man…”

Ide lamented with a wry smile, which was very much impressive to me.


Red King II forced the way into the battle between Guigass and Dorako.

Defeated by Red King II, Guigass disappeared into the mountains.

And it was smashed by the Powerful Drying Missile Ide invented and developed.

It’s not that Guigas is a popular monster, but a abominable snowman was a topic which drew the attention of children of the time.

Yeti or sasquatch were what we were interested in and what were featured in TV programs occasionally at the time.

Such things really spurred our imagination.


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