Episode Episode 42: Ambassador of The Nonmalt
Alias Octopus Monster
Height 30 meters
Weight 10,000 tons
Homeplace Undersea
Features Manipulated by Nonmalt
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya (based on the design drawn by the silver prize winner of the Alien Design Contest)
Sculptor Art crew of Tsuburaya Productions
Actor Unknown

Guyros is the monster with limbs similar to tentacles of an octopus that was manipulated by Nonmalt.

Deeming the monster as Nonmalt, the Ultra Garrison defeated it, but it was not dead although it sank into the sea.

When Nonmalt started attacking the land in use of the Atomic Submarine Gloria that had been missing, the monster also reappeared.

Guyros playing dead in the water

When Dan tried to transform into Ultraseven, Shinichi showed up out of nowhere to stop him from becoming Seven persistently.

Shinichi: “Just stop it! Nonmalt are not wrong! Humans are wrong! They are not so strong as humans! Stop attacking them, please!”

Shinichi (to Dan still trying to turn into Seven) : “You idiot, Ultra Garrison!”

Dan: “Shinichi…I’ve got to fight!”


Dan changed into Ultraseven at last, and Guyros was beaten having its limbs chopped off with Eye Slugger.

After the Atomic Submarine Gloria was also blasted by the attacks of the Hydranger, the UG also destroyed Nonmalt’s undersea city they found because it could possibly be an aliens’ invasion base. (You’d better check it out, UG…)

Kiriyama: “Our victory! The sea floor also belongs to us human beings!” (He looked quite erratic in these scenes.)

Torpedoes fired from the Hydranger blasted the undersea city

After the incident, Dan and Anne kept remembering Shinichi’s remarks.

“Earth is Nonmalt’s planet! It’s humans who are the invaders!”

At the end of the episode they learnt Shinichi was a boy who had lost his life at that sea two years ago.

As everything concerning them vanished, that has left it unknown if the Nonmalt were truly the natives of Earth.

Kiriyama excited with their ‘victory’

This is the episode that has ever remained in my heart since my childhood.

I found the idea of earthlings being the invaders was sort of shocking even as a kid.

As a sci-fi series featuring Earth invasion from space, this episode is the one that could definitely shake the foundation of the theme.

By the way, along with Tepeto, Guyros was the monster that was designed based on a design drawing titled Alien Guyros drawn by a six-year-old boy at the time who won the silver prize in the Alien Design Contest.

Dan and Anne happened to find a woman laying flowers on a stone monument with the words “Shinichi, Rest In Peace” on it and an ocarina

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