Haruo Nakajima, Mr. Godzilla, in Ultra

Legendary Haruo Nakajima (right; Episode 25; “Ultraman”)

Haruo Nakajima, stated yesterday, is the legendary suit actor for the original Godzilla.

He also acted some Ultra monsters in parallel with Godzilla:

(The number shown in parentheses is the episode number.)


Ultra Q: Gomess (1); Pagos (18) 

Ultraman: Nelonga (3); Gavora (9); Jirass (10); Keylla (38)

Ultra Seven: U-tom (17)


Both Gomess and Jirass are the monsters based on the suit of Godzilla as is obvious from their appearance.

Pagos, Nelonga and Gavora are the monsters remolded from the suit of Baragon which is a Toho monster also acted by Mr. Nakajima.

It’s usually explained Kemur II appearing in Episode 33 of “Ultraman” was also played by him, but he doesn’t mention it at all in his memoir.


Mr. Nakajima also acted the roles of humans in the early Ultra Series:

Ultra Q: Captain of mobile police (8)

Ultraman: Middle-aged man (25); Captain of police squad shooting at Giant Fuji (33)


My favorite is Episode 25 of “Ultraman.”

The “Strange Comet Cyphon” anticipated to be on a collision course with Earth is approaching in the drama.

And the comet passes through by a hair’s breadth in result.

The people watching the pass bubble with joy.

Mr. Nakajima acted a middle-aged man among them comically.

I love this amusing and lovable man!

Man and his son delighted by the pass of Cyphon

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