Hayata and Ultraman

Mefilas Seijin

Hayata has become Ultraman.

They share the same life.

The mysteriousness suites the enigmatic spaceman from Nebula M-78.

But they are different in personality.

In “Ultra Seven,” Seven has transformed into Moroboshi Dan, copying the figure and soul of an earthling, Jiro Satsuma.


In a pinch, Dan returns to the original appearance of Ultra Seven.

So, Seven and Dan are the same in personality.

And, if Dan or Seven is damaged, for example, it reflects the other directly as they are the same physically, too.

But in “Ultraman,” as Hayata and Ultraman are different ones, that kind thing doesn’t happen.

Even if Hayata is injured, it does not affect Ultraman at all and vice versa.


In the episode #33, Mefilas Seijin calls Hayata “Ultraman.”

Inquired by Mefilas whether he is a spaceman or a human, Hayata answers this way:

“Both. I was born to fight against those that break the law of the universe like you.”


It is said this dialogue represents the thought of Tetsuo Kinjo (1938-1976), who wrote the screenplay for this episode.

As an Okinawan living in the mainland of Japan, this dialogue is said to show his sentiment over his own identity.

In the episode #25 (screenplay by a different person), viewing the majestic scenery of snowy mountains, Hayata admires like this:

“Beautiful… The earth is a really beautiful planet!”

This may be Ultraman’s feelings expressed through Hayata.

Hayata faces life-sized Mefilas

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