Hayata, perfect hero

Hayata just before transforming into Ultraman (Episode 7)

Hayata of “Ultraman” is portrayed as a perfect hero.

You may take it for granted because he is actually Ultraman.

Incidentally, his full name was set as Shin Hayata in the 1990’s long after the broadcasting was over.

He’s smart, calm, brave and gentle especially to children and has a strong sense of responsibility and justice.

He’s exactly what is expected from a hero.


As a matter of fact, Akihide Tsuzawa who played Shonen (boy) Hoshino in “Ultraman” says in a talk for a book he was helped out by Hayata.

In Episode 18 “The Brother from Another World,” Mr. Tsuzawa was in trouble with his screaming scene because of his voice breaking.

And he says Susumu Kurobe, actor for Hayata, encouraged him gently and that enabled Mr. Tsuzawa to act the scene successfully.     

It’s just like Hayata!


Hayata is actually the No.2 leader in the SSSP soon after Cap. Muramatsu.

And he takes command when Cap. Muramatsu is absent.

It’s in contrast with Dan of “Ultra Seven” who is the freshman of the UG.

In the setting as well, Hayata is set to be an elite member who graduated from the training school top on the list.

Too good to be amusing?

But Hayata has an unexpected side as well.

I’ll talk about it later!

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