SSSP headquarter

224528When I was a child, making a base was popular play among children.

Securing a place called “base”, we got together there.

Do you have the equivalent play in your country?


In the settings, the base of the SSSP is located in the suburbs of Tokyo.

It’s shaped like a pyramid put upside down.

It was designed by Tohl Narita.

It is said the design was based on a real seminar house belonging to a university.

You can see the inside of the seminar house in the scene of the press conference in Episode #11 of “Ultraman.”


The base is the symbol of the best of science people in those days could imagine.

Incidentally, the world of “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven” is set as near future, not the same time as they were broadcast.

It truly reflects the faith in the progress of technology people in those days had.

In the middle of economic high growth, anyone of the Japanese believed it would bring us happiness.

Especially, “Ultraman” was produced in such days.


The base is supposed to be something most sophisticated in those days.

But Akihide Tsuzawa who acted Hoshino said in a book interview they kept a fire in the set as the studio was so battered it was so hot in summer and freezing cold in winter.

The door of the control room supposedly automatic were moved manually.

Hand-made in good old days.

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